Impressive dimension

With a view to sustainability

The illuminated advertising specialists from the LICHT + WERBETECHNIK HERMANN BRÜCK team were brought on board right from the start of the construction planning for the new L. STROETMANN logistics centre on the A 43 motorway near Senden.

Three large halls, each with a large lettering and logo, it was clear to BRÜCK that there was no way around the LED technology from HANSEN.

The project

In 2021, when the logistics group L. STROETMANN planned the new building, the façade advertising and the associated electronic connection were considered with foresight. It couldn't be better for an illuminated advertising company. Technical rooms were provided and thought was given to cable routing and ease of maintenance.

Given the dimensions of the halls, long cables had to be laid. With the series connection from HANSEN, this will be easy to realise. BRÜCK and HANSEN had already realised several projects together, but not yet on this scale. So things got exciting, and from early summer 2022, HANSEN came into play and submitted the first offer with LED technology including converter boxes. The choice fell on the "perennial favourite LED tube", according to Christian Spiller, Head of Division at BRÜCK.

The task

Each of the three halls will have an LED lettering with a height of 2.20 metres and a length of up to 21.50 metres. In addition, there is an EDEKA logo as a textile print measuring 3.50 x 4.00 metres. But that's not all: a 5.00 x 3.00 metre entrance pylon will serve as a signposting system for lorry drivers. This is to be divided into two segments so that the lower light area can be switched separately.

STROETMANN's schedule was as follows: every time a side of the façade was completed, the respective lettering and logo were to be applied. The signs were to be put up in good time. This allowed BRÜCK to start fine-tuning and the team had to "roll up their sleeves". A great challenge for everyone involved, which they were happy to take on.

Implementation and execution

In consultation with the technicians from BRÜCK and STROETMANN on site, it was decided that a network cable should be laid so that all halls could be connected to a light-sensitive controller and controlled together. This light-sensitive controller from HANSEN regulates the brightness of the advertising system depending on the time of day. If the daylight falls below a defined brightness value in the evening, the systems switch on simultaneously and dimmer down as it gets darker, and vice versa in the morning.

Save energy thanks to SMART DIMMING! This fits perfectly into the energy concept of the L. STROETMANN logistics centre, which is also powered by solar energy. The corporate group has sharpened its focus on sustainability.

For further project planning, the company liaised with HANSEN on technical details such as cable cross-section, length of control cables, number of converters, etc. This was actively supported by Jochen Dostal from the field sales team and Tim Landmesser from HANSEN's internal sales team. This was the first such large joint project and expertise and experience were required.

Four converter boxes arrived from HANSEN equipped and ready for connection. They provide maintenance-friendly accommodation for the converters and control technology. They were housed in two technical rooms, which were also easily accessible for L. STROETMANN's in-house technicians. This is a real eye-opener for the customer, as the technology can be controlled and monitored quickly and easily, even with their own manpower.

The lower part of the wayfinding pylon was fitted with an inspection flap so that it can be easily accessed by all specialist personnel for servicing controllers or replacing components. A well thought-out solution all round.

LED tubes in red (Super, 50 mA) were used for the letters and LED tubes with power LEDs (white 5000K, 100 mA) for the logos.

The four converter boxes are equipped with the NEW generation of converters from HANSEN (C50/990D MP and C100/990D MP) and light-sensitive controllers.


The dimensions were impressive and there was no alternative to HANSEN LED technology, says Christian Spiller.

All in all, a great project! It was a long journey together, the technology works and you can rely on HANSEN.


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