The Hansen Story

Our company history

Our company history is also a family history, because the company has grown along with it over the years. Today, Hansen's fortunes are being carried on by the second generation.

Here is a summary of the most important milestones, starting with our foundation in 1984:


The year starts with a forward-looking investment: the Hansen company takes over Laserworks by allinn B.V. from Amersfoort, NL as part of an asset deal. With this investment, we are expanding our luminous panel division to include illuminated rubber frame systems for textile prints. Whereas previously we only supplied components for textile backlit frames, we now supply finished frames. Exactly what is in demand on the market. The existing customer base from the Netherlands is taken over and is satisfied with the delivery right from the start. The German clientele also benefits, the new product is called Meisterkeder and becomes the highlight of the year.


Sustainability is at the top of our list this year. We are well positioned in terms of ecological and social sustainability: Use of renewable energy sources in the form of a 240 kWp photovoltaic system. This enables us to generate about one third of our electricity needs ourselves. Heat generation through a district heating system from the region is local, sustainable and economical at the same time. We promote e-car leasing for employees: 18 e-vehicles are now in use. There are five charging stations that can be used by employees and customers. And for those who prefer to come to work by bike, we offer JobRad leasing. There too, 39 bikes are now in use -CO2-free and healthy mobility.


This year is all about digitalisation! Both in terms of internal processes and in terms of external appearance. In regional cooperation with the Flensburg-based communications agency HOCHZWEI, we have taken the website a decisive step forward in terms of strategy, content and appearance, thus keeping pace with the technological development of our products. The centrepiece is undoubtedly our new website, enriched with exciting reference projects and industry information. In addition, we will increase our presence in social networks in the future and thus also maintain the best connections digitally.


Generation change: after 35 years, the two company founders Dorothea & Hans-Thomas Hansen hand over the management to the next generation. Tim & Martin Hansen are the new managing directors at Hansen as of the beginning of this year. Reiner Hansen remains as Managing Director. Another HIGHLIGHT from Hansen: this year sees the launch of the pioneering GREEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY.

An extraordinary but also exciting year lies behind us. In February 2020, work began on renovating the administrative wing, because it should also be recognisable from the company's "outfit" that a change has been made. The seven offices, which were getting on in years, have been freshened up accordingly. Investments were made, interior designers and specialist planners were involved. In defiance of Corona, the craftsmen went in and out - with ABSTAND of course! The offices were completely gutted and brought up to the state of the art in terms of lighting control, ventilation and sound insulation. Innovative office furniture, ergonomic and flexible at the same time, round off the ambience. Lighting that does good in all offices, in the corridor, in the kitchen and in the sanitary areas. Biologically effective light as a daily experience, making work even more fun!

A staff wall with photos of all colleagues was installed in the reception area. An appreciation of the staff and an eye-catcher for visitors at the same time.

In other respects, too, we have come through the time well and have always been able to act and deliver. At Hansen, the Corona crisis was also used as an opportunity. New hygiene products were developed and added to the portfolio: Face visors, droplet protection screens for pharmacies, medical practices and retail and, last but not least, bus driver protection screens D-SHIELD on a large scale, which are delivered as far as Austria.


CLEVERGLAS - the reliable luminous panel is still on the rise. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, as an outdoor advertising pylon or on the façade, CLEVERGLAS is the solution. Our second HIGHLIGHT is a small circuit board with a big impact: Radar Indoor, the 24 V LED circuit board for flat light boxes indoors. Just as successful in trade fair construction as in shop design.
Our trade fair appearances this year are just as diverse as our products: two furniture fairs, an architects' fair and the interlift lift fair, we are present everywhere.


Innovations determine the year. Rainbow-RGB technology is just one of many new developments from our company. Advertising towers are successfully implemented with our converter boxes and cabinets. Our project-specific custom-made products make it easy to realise large-scale projects.
Everything from one source - this is what sets us apart. From transformer production to special converters, from soldering to LED protective coating, lighting design is also our daily business. Further new groundbreaking products are in development...


Light made to measure - that's what we've always made our banner. Because at hansen there is nothing off the peg. We provide individual solutions and competently support our customers in their projects. We want to open up further markets. In March there will be a trade fair premiere: we will be exhibitors at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf. The first big highlight of the year. Four more trade fair appearances will follow in the course of the year. Organisationally, something has changed for us. As of 1 January, Hansen GmbH takes over the distribution of Hansen Neon GmbH.


Conquering new markets - that is our motto. We are already well-known in the furniture and interior design sectors, andhansen's made-to-measure lighting is a household name among planners and carpenters. We are targeting the lift industry, the hotel sector and the catering trade. Trade fair constructors and shop fitters benefit from our customised light, which is also immensely energy-efficient. It can continue like this, because we can look back on more than 15 years of experience in LED technology and this benefits our customers.


Customised production, even in small quantities - this is how we score points with our customers again and again, whether in the illuminated advertising industry or in the field of interior design. LED light profiles with integrated converter or the LED replacement for E27 are on the rise. The hansen luminous panel is still unbeatable. Our LED products are complemented by innovative radio remote controls, production is optimised and new products are developed: our newcomer in 2015 is the Radar LED.


A jubilee year with many product innovations stimulates business. We are on the lookout for new markets, visit many trade fairs and exhibit there. We present our luminaires for the furniture industry, for craftsmen (carpenters/ joiners) as well as for interior and garden architects. The proven products such as the LED luminous panel are just as much in demand as the newly developed ones. Everything is planned and manufactured made to measure in our company. Made by hansen = Made in Germany


The GALAXXIS 2.0 street lamp continues to gain ground: this year, municipalities are being subsidised by the federal government to purchase energy-efficient LED luminaires. The demand for more LED luminaires is increasing. Our development department is rising to these challenges. New from us: EcoStar105, the LED indoor luminaire for sports halls and industry. STARLUXX 2.0, the LED under-cabinet spotlight ideal for petrol station or industrial roofs. But also the LED milled panels and the LED façade profile are well received.


The year is off to a good start: Demand for energy-efficient LED products is booming. The LED luminous panel is enjoying unbroken popularity and the LED pipe is also making a big splash - on Times Square in New York!
The frame-mount LED spots give even more luminosity with 2.5 watts. While the GALAXXIS street lamp has now been installed more than 2,000 times, other types of luminaire are being developed, e.g. the STARLUXX LED ceiling luminaire.
Construction work on the new hall is completed in autumn. At the end of the year, production will start in all 3 halls.


The order situation remains very good: a new 2200 square metre production hall goes into construction. Minister President Peter Harry Carstensen visits the company on 12 May 2011 and praises: "Once again we see how highly qualified we are working in Schleswig-Holstein". (Read more about this highlight here: Press releases)
With the LED pipe and the GALAXXIS street lamp 2.0 two more innovations prevail on the market. "Product of the Year 2011" is once again the LED tube - this time with the Power-2x100 LED as a cost-effective variant for particularly bright illumination.


Hansen is growing: the company now employs 76 people, and its own marketing department is set up. LED tube production continues to be the main line of business - along with ECG and converter production. But the demand for LED profiles and LED luminous panels is also increasing. The latter becomes "Product of the Year 2010".
The energy-efficient GALAXXIS LED street and path luminaire is launched and attracts a lot of interest from the municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein. By the end of the year, 245 units are sold.


Active in the north and south: Completion of the new hall and start of sales in Austria.


Start of construction for the hall extension.


Planning of a new 1200 square metre production area: 95 000 neon ECGs and 38 000 LED converters leave the factory in Haselund every year.


Growth brings with it a lack of space: the demand for LEDs is pushing capacities to their limits.


LED is unstoppable: production is being expanded, the future trend is clear.


The LED tube becomes a "big seller": its outstanding technical properties make the innovation the most important product next to ECGs


Expansion of the core business, ECGs for neon systems, to include LED production: first trials with light-emitting diodes are carried out, the LED tube is registered for patent. Production this year is 140,000 ECGs.


Hans-Thomas Hansen and Robert Munk buy the company "Klinger-Neon" from Berlin. From then on, this company took over the distribution in Germany and was renamed "Klinger - Neon Hansen & Munk GmbH".


Construction of a new production and office building in Haselund: in the meantime, production has increased to 105,000 transformers.


From manual and home work to the SMD machine: Small components are now automatically applied to the PCBs - a plus in reliability and speed. After all, 85 000 ECGs are now produced per year.


70 000 transformers per year: Two major orders lead to a massive expansion of production.


A new office and production building in Viöl, Westerende 28, is purchased and converted: The good sales of the TOEs required new capacities for the production of 17 500 units per year.


One becomes two: instead of a single company, there is now "Hansen GmbH, technologie-elektronik-licht", responsible for production, and "Hansen GmbH" as a sales company. Here the Dane Keld Verner Olsen becomes a partner and shareholder. The growing export of ECGs is now handled by him and the export warehouse in Esbjerg/Denmark. The expanded range of TOEs is presented at various trade fairs at home and abroad, with annual production now amounting to 12,000 units.


The first electronic transformers with integrated earth leakage circuit breaker and VDE mark are on the market: they come from the production of Neontechnik Hansen.


Foundation of the company "Neontechnik Hansen": Hans-Thomas Hansen, 27 years old, had previously completed an apprenticeship as a telecommunications craftsman and a degree in "Electrical Power Engineering" at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, as well as working in Berlin for a few years before setting up his own business together with his wife and another employee. Several garages as well as a wood store offer space for future production at Süderstraße 1 in Viöl.


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