Benchmark for our actions

Our company philosophy

As an internationally operating family business and regional employer, we are very aware of our economic and social responsibility and actively assume it. The following principles shape our actions in our dealings with employees, customers and partners. At the same time, they are the guideline for achieving our corporate goals. For good and successful cooperation.

We would like to present these principles to you below:

1. Employees are the key to success

Motivated employees are our most valuable assets.

  1. Treat each person as you would like to be treated.
  2. Our open and respectful interaction with each other is the prerequisite for the long-term and successful development of our company.
  3. We promote a continuous improvement process by training and developing our employees. In return, employees are expected to contribute their skills to the best of their ability.
  4. Personal initiative and suggestions are encouraged. When mistakes happen, we discuss them openly. They are seen as an opportunity to learn from them together.
  5. Personal and divisional goals are always shaped by common interests.
  • Our employees represent our greatest potential and set us apart from others. 2.

Satisfied customers are the basis of our success

We live from our customers.

  1. We listen carefully and learn from the tasks our customers set us. In this way, we continue to improve our products, services and long-term business relationships.
  2. We supply our markets with high-quality products.
  3. We fulfil our customers' wishes to the greatest possible extent through competence.
  • We create real added value for our customers' products.

3. suppliers can become partners

Good suppliers can become strategic partners, a key factor in our success.

  1. We are interested in long-term, reliable business relationships with our suppliers.
  2. We rely on our suppliers. Accordingly, we expect quality, punctuality and reliability. Only with good supplier relationships are joint innovations and developments possible from which both sides benefit.
  3. The price performance of our suppliers must be in reasonable proportion to our long-term ideas of quality and service.
  • Suppliers who are crucial for our core business areas and who are equally trustworthy can become partners.

4.Leaders are role models

The additional duties of our leaders are defined and must be fulfilled.

  1. Our leaders are responsible for motivating and developing team members to be socially, culturally and environmentally aware.
  2. Our leaders direct their initiative towards the overall goal and are measurable in terms of the responsibility imposed.
  3. Each manager ensures a consistently positive image of the Hansen brand - both internally and externally.
  • Together, our employees and managers form a strong team.

5. our business areas

Our core competences lie in the development, production and sale of lamps as well as the associated electronics such as converters, electronic converters/ballasts, power supplies and corresponding controllers.

  1. We focus primarily on applications in the fields of illuminated advertising and architectural lighting.
  2. We see it as an ongoing challenge to provide customised solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers with the highest level of service.
  3. Customers, markets and our own capabilities guide everything we do.
  • Hansen persistently pursues the goal of being the leading brand in our chosen markets.

6.A family business with values

Hansen is a living example of the strengths of a family business.

  1. The continuation of Hansen as a family business is a top priority.
  2. The philosophy of our family business offers personal development opportunities to a high degree and demands personal commitment, a willingness to take responsibility and a willingness to cooperate. This includes not only maintaining the successful tradition and human ties, but also flexibility, quick decisions and responsiveness to needs.
  3. Our entrepreneurial actions take into account responsibility towards the environment and society in the broadest sense. Our style is honest, straightforward and oriented towards continuity.
  4. At Hansen, debt and equity are in a solid and healthy relationship. Consequently, long-term value development is more important than short-term profit.
  5. Profitability, efficiency, use of resources and appropriate value creation are necessary to maintain the company's financial strength. They should ensure independence from outside capital providers in the long term.

Our central control parameter is the long-term value development of Hansen as an independent family company.

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