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Facade meets light

Today, LED lighting is an integral part of architecture and façade construction. As a reliable partner of architects and lighting designers, we contribute to the successful overall result with our high-quality components in a wide variety of projects. In addition to the quality, long service life and low maintenance of our lighting solutions, the focus is also on sustainability. After all, lighting makes its contribution to energy-efficient building, which is currently in vogue.

Attracting attention: LED in façade construction

When it comes to façade lighting, LED technology offers a wide range of design options and effects. From surface lights integrated into the construction as luminous panels to coloured illuminated lines running along the façade as profiles or light strips, to wall floodlights, buildings can be perfectly illuminated.

Companies involved in façade construction find an experienced specialist in Hansen to solve even complex challenges in cooperation.

LED technology for modern architecture, historical buildings or industrial complexes

Our products are as diverse as the applications. Whether for coloured building contours, for discreet window light or as façade illumination, we have a wide range of LED profiles and LED modules as well as controllers for all applications. However, there is nothing off the peg with us! All products are custom-made for our customers after intensive consultation and project planning. A service that is a matter of course for us.

LED technology for all cases: Electrical installations around the house

Whether for new buildings or renovations, LED technology is nowadays the standard for all kinds of electrical installations, as both energy efficiency and design freedom speak for themselves.

Architects have an expert contact in Hansen when it comes to lighting design and specific applications. Special designs are possible at any time.

We also supply the electrical wholesale trade with components for luminaires, lighting products and devices.

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Impressive dimension

With a view to sustainability

The illuminated advertising specialists from the LICHT + WERBETECHNIK HERMANN BRÜCK team were brought on board right from the start of the construction planning for the new L. STROETMANN logistics centre on the A 43 motorway near Senden.

Three large…


New name, new sign:


The tower was built in 1970-1972 by the GDR architect Henselmann. Today, at 144.5 m high (159.60 m with antenna tip), it is the tallest office building in the new federal states. Originally planned as a research building for the Zeiss Group, it was…

Effect lighting

Renovated façade with effect lighting

Refreshingly designed with colour and light

The town hall of the city of Neubrandenburg, in the form of a prefabricated slab building from 1966, was to undergo energy refurbishment from 2019 - both inside and out. On the outside, the facade, which is visible from afar, was to be given an…

Vienna State Opera

Unique light installation worldwide

Façade of the Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera, the "First House on the Ring", is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. It was opened on 25 May 1869.

Brain Box

Sophisticated façade illumination

Lighting design for BRAIN BOX BERLIN

An impressive new building in Berlin near BER airport: curved building complex as an office and commercial building, with curves, inner courtyards and a tower. The building is 300 metres long in total and winds along the BAB 113.


Façade with a lively look

Window strips in an unusual mix of materials

For its own modern new administration building, the company S+T Fassaden GmbH relies on special façade lighting and draws on long-standing business relationships with the lighting specialists from Hansen.


As a crowning finale

Lighting design for the WINX high-rise in Frankfurt

At lofty heights, Neon Zentgraf has realised spectacular façade lighting for the WINX high-rise in Frankfurt using LED technology from Hansen.


Down to the last tip

Illumination of the Frankfurt Messeturm

A landmark in new splendour: Hansen provided Neon Zentgraf with technical support for the illumination of the Frankfurt Messeturm.


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