Radar Indoor

Laying the boards in the light ceiling and in the light box has never been so easy and cost-efficient. The 24 volt LED circuit board for flat indoor light boxes is available with LED spacing of 100 mm and 200 mm.

Radar Indoor is also available in tunable white 24 Volt, the LED spacing here is 150 mm. This version is preferred for use in luminous ceilings.

Radar Indoor is also available as RGBW in 12 volts, the LED spacing is 50 mm for this variant.

Advantages of Radar Indoor:

  • Homogeneous illumination thanks to powerful LEDs
  • Very high beam angle thanks to 170° optics
  • Quick and easy installation: can be separated from the reel after each LED by means of scissors
  • Cables are pressed into insulation displacement connectors, no soldering during installation
  • Double-sided tapes on the back of the board
  • Individually assembled or available from a 12-metre roll
  • Colour temperatures 2700 K | 3000 K | 4000 K | 5000 K | 6500 K
  • Colour temperatures tunable white 2700 K to 6500 K
  • Feed length up to 12 metres

Efficient illumination of flat light boxes and textile print illuminated ceilings

  • Illumination of interior textile prints
  • flat beam angle of 170
  • also available in tunable white (warm white / cool white)
  • without soldering with cutting/clamping technology
  • supplied from a roll, can be separated with scissors

General specifications:

100 mm200 mmTunable white
Protection classIP 00IP 00IP 00
Voltage24 volts24 volts24 volts
Power per LED1,2 W2,4 W4,8 W
Power per metre12 W6 W16 W
LED colourwhitewhitewhite
Colour temperatures3000 K - 4000 K - 5000 K - 6500 K2700 K - 6500 K
LED beam angle170°
Colour rendering index

CRI 80

Light technical data100 mm200 mmTunable white
Colour temperatureLuminous fluxLuminous fluxLuminous flux
white 2700 K--775 lm/m
white 3000 K1,160 lm/m580 lm/m775 lm/m
white 4000 K1,210 lm/m605 lm/m805 lm/m
white 5000 K1,210 lm/m605 lm/m805 lm/m
white 6500 K1,210 lm/m605 lm/m805 lm/m
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