swing~light and swing~light open

swing~light is an elongated luminaire whose outer body is made of silicone. Inside are the LEDs that make the profile glow.

Unlike metal profiles, which are rigid along their length, this light profile in the single-colour version can be turned and bent in all directions, it is permanently flexible. The RGB version can only be bent in one plane. The outer body is made entirely of silicone, but is in two parts. The white lower part contains the LED chain, which has been encapsulated transparently. The lower part with the encapsulated LEDs already has the IP67 degree of protection.

The upper part of the profile is also made of silicone, but has different optical properties. It is translucent, i.e. light-transmitting, and also has a light-diffusing effect. The top part can be supplied with white or coloured silicone. The top and bottom parts are permanently bonded together and cannot be separated.

swing~light open is also an elongated luminaire, but with one major difference: it has no upper part. The individual LEDs are visible, i.e. a point-shaped band of light can be seen. Another difference: swing~light open can be supplied with different LED spacings.

The other features and fixings correspond to the "normal" swing~light, including the IP67 protection rating.

swing~light open is intended for:

  • applications where not the luminaire but only the light is visible: indirect lighting, cove lighting, ...
  • the point-shaped light band as a design element on the building façade

Filigree contour lighting thanks to flexible light profile

  • flexible light profile with luminous upper part
  • available in five colours, cool white, warm white and RGB
  • without upper part as swing~light open for spotlighting
  • can be bent in two directions at the same time (spiral)
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP 67)
  • available in lengths up to 5 metres


It is possible to dim swing~light. It is worth considering when planning lighting, because dimmability has many advantages:

  • Creation of different lighting scenes
  • brightness can be regulated according to the customer's wishes; brightness can also be adjusted at a later time to suit requirements
  • dimming additionally reduces CO emissions and electricity consumption
  • For indoor installations, a controller that is dependent on the time of day ensures a sense of well-being and also saves energy.

Light pollution is in the public eye. Should there be more stringent requirements in this direction in the future, this can be counteracted by dimming the system.

Everything from a single source

Our portfolio naturally includes converters, dimmers, flash units and innovative controllers. We support you in planning and supply you with a complete system.s of approx. 50,000 operating hours, the illuminant, i.e. the LEDs, does not need to be replaced.

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