Flex profile STELLA

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is an elongated luminaire with an outer body made of extruded TPE. The LEDs inside are waterproof moulded.

STELLA is flexible. Unlike metal profiles, which are rigid along their length, these light profiles can be bent. Round or wave-shaped illuminated lines can be created. Straight lines are of course also possible.

The following three versions are available:

STELLA 16 x 16 mm top bend or side bend
STELLA 10 x 19 mm side bend
STELLA 13 x 4 mm top bend

The first two have a continuous, uniform light pattern. They are intended for illuminated lines on walls and ceilings or for installation in furniture.

The flat profile (13 x 4 mm) has a point-shaped light pattern, which is primarily used for light emission in coves or for backlighting purposes.

STELLA for indoor and outdoor use. The LED technology in the profile is hermetically sealed (IP68). STELLA can therefore also be used outdoors under weather conditions, e.g. on façades.

Slim illuminated lines

  • white, coloured or RGBW
  • Continuous homogeneous light pattern or deliberately point-shaped light
  • High-quality, robust and weatherproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP68)
  • energy-efficient thanks to Hansen's LED series connection
  • available in lengths of up to 5 metres
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