LED Chain

With the hansenLED chain, illuminated letters can be produced which shine to the front (front reflector) or to the rear (rear reflector). The LED chain consists of the following essential components:

  • Light-emitting diode (LED)
  • Protective diode (Zener-)
  • converter

The LED chain is a light source for illuminating acrylic letters. These letters are usually milled out of acrylic solid material, i.e. acrylic with a thickness of 20 to 30 mm. Grooves are milled into the back of the letters. The LED chain is then inserted into these grooves and subsequently encapsulated with a transparent compound.

The physical problem with transparent potting of LEDs is the direct contact of the potting compound with the surface of the LED. The light colour changes from warm white to cool white on contact. This unattractive effect cannot be controlled and can also occur during later operation. To prevent the described effect, the LED chain type 1 has a special dome that reliably prevents contact between LED and potting compound.

The LED chain type 2 is constructed like type 1, but has the essential difference that it is not intended for potting. Type 2 shines about 20 % brighter and is cheaper. The other properties and processing correspond to type 1 described above.

Illumination of profile letters

  • ideal for solid acrylic letters and solid acrylic transparencies
  • very flatness of the letters of approx. 25 mm possible
  • available with different LED spacings and light colours
  • special LED, which allows problem-free potting
  • for larger areas also available as DUO chain


LED outputs, light colours and LED spacing

  • LED power
    white | blue | green with 0.08 Watt (25 mA)
    red | yellow | orange with 0.11 Watt (50 mA)
  • Colour temperatures
    The group of white LEDs is divided into the colour temperatures
    2700 K (warm white) - 3000 K - 4000 K - 5000 K - 6500 K (cool white)
  • LED spacing
    The hansenLED chain can be supplied with the following LED spacings
    20 mm - 25 mm - 30 mm - 40 mm
  • Potting the LEDs
    The hansenLED chain type 1 is suitable for casting with 2-component casting compound based on polyethylene or silicone.
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