LED Tube

The hansen LED tube is an extremely flexible system for backlighting acrylic, textile print or similar translucent materials. Primary application is the illumination of profile letters and light boxes in illuminated advertising.

The hansen LED tube system consists of the following essential components:

  • Light emitting diode (LED)
  • Protective diode (Zener-)
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • converter
  • Mounting material

The hansen LED tube can also be supplied with two LEDs per board. The "2x100" version provides twice the light output.

With another variant, mixed colours can be created from two or three coloured LEDs, such as turquoise, yellow or magenta.

LED and protective diode are located on a small circuit board. These boards are soldered together with wires at equal intervals. As an outer casing, these components are shrink-wrapped in a transparent plastic tube.
The connecting wires between the LEDs can be bent. This makes it possible to hansen LED tube to the spatial conditions and thus to achieve uniform illumination of illuminated letters.

The following parameters can be varied:
- LED spacing
- LED power (brightness)
- light colour (coloured or white)
- colour temperature (for white LEDs)

The LEDs form a series connection electrically. Special converters can be supplied for operation. They supply a constant current that protects the LEDs from overload.

The hansenLED tube can be supplied with different LED outputs, light colours and LED spacings:

LED power

  • Standard LEDs with 0.08 Watt (25 mA)
  • Standard LEDs with 0.11 Watt (50 mA)
  • Power LEDs with 0.28 Watt (100 mA)
  • Power-2x100 LEDs with 0.56 Watt (100 mA)

Light colours

The diagram opposite shows the assignment of LED types, currents and light colours.
The group of white LEDs is divided into the colour temperatures
2700 K (warm white) - 3000 K - 4000 K - 5000 K - 6500 K - 7600 K (cool white)

LED spacing

To illuminate the very different profile letters, the hansenLED tube can be produced with spacings of 20 mm to approx. 200 mm. Which spacing makes sense depends on the letter geometry, the LED power and the desired brightness.

LED tube 2x100

If a high brightness is required, the hansenLED tube can be supplied with a duo circuit board. Another application is the large-area illumination of light boxes and letters with a depth of approx. 150 to 300 mm.

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