LED Pipe

The hansen LED pipe is, as the name suggests, an acrylic pipe that is illuminated from the inside with LEDs. The acrylic tube is straight and cannot be bent.

Applications for the hansen LED pipe include decorative illuminated lines inside and outside buildings, on stairs, roofs or corridors. The white shining LED pipe can also be used as an additional element of lighting (replacement of fluorescent lamps).

The plastic tube has been extruded from high-quality acrylic, i.e. formed into its circular shape.
Acrylic has the following outstanding properties:

  • UV-stable and constant light transmission
  • colourfast, i.e. no yellowing
  • high resistance to weathering
  • high surface hardness

The outer diameter of theLED pipe is 38 mm. The length is determined by the customer: minimum 300 mm and maximum 3,000 mm.

Six different acrylic colours are offered, which are usually illuminated with LEDs of the same colour. The white acrylic tube can also be illuminated with coloured LEDs. This creates a pastel-coloured light.

The white tube can also be illuminated with two LED light colours. With a small controller, beautiful colour changes can be created. RGB operation of the tube with special RGB LEDs is also possible. For very special effects, there is now theRainbow RGB version. With this new technology, soft RGB colour changes can be displayed.

The hansen LED pipe  can be supplied in 12- or 24-volt technology (for indoor use) or in series connection (outdoor applications). In each case, the power supplies are housed outside the tube.

Contour lighting for decorative design

  • white or coloured acrylic tube with 38 mm diameter
  • for creating illuminated lines on buildings
  • illumination with white, coloured or RGB LEDs
  • series connection, 12 volts, 24 volts or RGB / Rainbow-RGB
  • Corner elements and mitre angles available
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