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Research & Development

Made in Germany, at Hansen this starts in research and development, which - like our production - is located at our headquarters in North Friesland. This is where layouts are drawn, sample boards tested, production prepared and controllers designed. Products can also be tested in so-called climatic chambers under extreme conditions.

Our strength in the development of new products and the further development of existing ones is, on the one hand, the literal closeness to practice. On the other hand, it is the unbeatable combination of almost four decades of LED know-how and permanent striving for progress. In addition, we maintain a close dialogue with our customers in order to incorporate their wishes and needs.

This is how we succeed in maintaining our position as one of the leading suppliers in our extremely dynamic technological environment.


Hansen GmbH

Norderstraße 1
D 25855 Haselund
T +49 4843-2009-0

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