Star Profile

The hansen star profile is a lighting system designed for illuminating objects and/or rooms.

The basis for the system is an extruded aluminium profile. This profile is cut to length as required by the customer. The maximum length in one piece is 4,000 mm for the star profile with high-power LEDs and 4,830 mm as oblong luminaire.

The star-shaped serrated cross-section enables a variety of mounting options. On the other hand, this profile is a good heat sink for the high-power LEDs.

In the upper channel is the space for the LEDs, optics and electrical cables. This channel is completely sealed with a transparent sealing compound. The hansen star profile is therefore also suitable for outdoor applications.

Depending on the application, the star profile is equipped with different LEDs:

  • If the light is to be directed and illuminate an object, then single LEDs of higher power with optics are recommended. Typical applications are the illumination of advertising signs or the decorative lighting of facades.
  • If the light is to illuminate a room, it is better to form a light line with a large number of small LEDs. With the scatter cover, a continuous line of light is created. Typical applications are the illumination of rooms, workplaces or as a replacement for fluorescent lamps.

Various converters can be supplied to supply the LEDs. The converters are placed outside the star profile.

Delivery lengths

The length is manufactured according to customer requirements and can be a maximum of 4,800 mm.

Colour temperatures of the LEDs

2700 K | 3000 K warm white
4000 K neutral white
5000 K | 6500 K cool white

Mounting and fastening

Screw fittings with M3 via longitudinal thread
Spring steel retaining clips
Mounting profile
Angle fixing for ends when used as wallwasher

Practical examples

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