The hansenSIRIUS 16W |  20W | 24W has been specially developed for use in street and park luminaires. It enables easy conversion of conventional lighting to energy-efficient LED technology.

  • For replacing e.g. a 125 W HQL lamp
    With a power consumption of 24 W, it replaces e.g. a 125 W HQL lamp thanks to its high luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W.
  • High-quality SMD LEDs
    The 72 powerful LEDs are mounted on a metal core board. This ensures good heat dissipation and a long service life.
  • Simple and cost-effective cube illumination
    The lighting cubes that are very popular in many places can be illuminated evenly and brightly with a single SIRIUS luminaire. This is cost-effective and at the same time very energy-efficient.

  • hansen converter
    The integrated converter is a proprietary development and is produced in-house. Like the LEDs, it is covered with a transparent protective coating and thus protected from ambient moisture.
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