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With 20 mm, a flatness never before achieved on the market for backlighting purposes of textile prints.

Meisterkeder is an LED tensioned fabric frame for full-surface homogeneous backlighting of white or printed tensioned fabrics with a keder profile.

The structure is a combination of PMMA acrylic glass, PVC rigid foam panels, LED strips and an aluminium frame.

The frame is suitable for all indoor applications: for example, in shop and trade fair construction, in hotels and restaurants, in museums, offices and public buildings.

The Meisterkeder product family includes three different installation depths:
20 mm LFF20 | 35 mm LFF35 | 50 mm LFF50

To get to know our products we offer a DIN A3 sample set, more information HERE

Circuit type: parallel connection

Operating voltage: 12 Volt / 24 Volt

Protection class: IP 40

Protection class: II

Ambient temperature range: +5°C to +50°C

Residual luminous flux: 70% after 50,000 operating hours

Conformity: CE, RoHS

Minimum dimensions: 200 x 200 mm

Maximum width: 3,050 mm

Maximum height: 2,500 mm (between LEDs)

Maximum format: up to 2 m² (LFF20) up to 2.5 m² (LFF35) up to 4 m² (LFF50)

Construction depth LFF20: 20 mm

Weight: 8 kg/m²

Practical examples Meisterkeder

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