RGB Rainbow tunable white

The abbreviation "RGB" stands for the three primary colours red - green - blue. RGB light is composed of red, green and blue light. With these three basic colours, almost all other light colours can be mixed.
With RGB, a huge amount of 16 million colours can be created. Intelligent controllers allow the light colour to change automatically and continuously. It thus circulates the entire colour spectrum either quickly or slowly, depending on the customer's wishes. This creates a beautiful and intense eye-catcher.

Due to the imperfect white light of RGB, RGBW is the logical further development. The abbreviation "RGBW" stands for systems in which a separate white LED is provided in addition to the RGB LED. In addition to the perfect natural white, this provides a multitude of new possibilities, such as pastel shades or various other mixed colours.

The new hansen Rainbow-RGB technology makes it possible to display RGB colour flows in various products. A new feature of the technology is that individual LED groups within the products can be controlled individually. This creates a rainbow effect. By creating customised animations, a completely new kind of lighting effect is achieved.

Tunablewhite dimming
Tunable white dimming describes the mixing of cool white and warm white LEDs. This makes it possible to create different lighting moods in the range of natural white tones. From cosy and relaxing warm white to activating cool white, all colour temperatures can be set.

Practical examples

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