Mini Profile

Mini profile is a collective term for elongated LED luminaires. These luminaires are used as illuminated lines inside and outside buildings.

The hansen Mini profilesType 5 and Type 220 are intended for the illumination of objects. Type 220 has a transparent upper protective cover made of acrylic. With type 5, the LED circuit board is protected by potting compound.

The hansen Mini profileTypes 911 to Type 960 have a white or coloured protective acrylic cover. This translucent acrylic is illuminated by the LEDs, creating a luminous line.

The common feature is an extruded aluminium profile in which the LEDs are housed as illuminants. The aluminium profile is U-shaped. The open side is covered with acrylic glass. The LEDs are embedded in a transparent casting compound.

The hansen Mini profile is generally produced according to the customer's specifications. There are therefore no stock items.

Filigree light profiles for creating fine contour lighting

  • Aluminium profile with integrated LEDs and acrylic glass cover
  • Illumination of facade areas or objects
  • also available in RGB, RGBW and Rainbow RGB
  • Encapsulated and designed for outdoor use (IP 65)

The following features can be selected

  • Type of mini profile (type 5, type 200, type 911...)
  • Profile length
  • Acrylic glass cover
  • LED type / colour temperature
  • Position of connecting cable

The aluminium profile has an anodised, light grey surface. There is a recess in the lower section that allows the profile to be fixed. A spring steel retaining clip or a mounting profile can be supplied for this purpose.

The hansen mini profile can be supplied with 12 or 24 volt supply voltage (IP 65).

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