Facade Profile

The hansen facade profile is an illuminated plastic profile. Intended as an illuminated contour on commercially used house walls, facades or roofs such as petrol stations or commercial enterprises.

With the facade profile it is possible to mount a 5 cm high contour lighting on straight walls, but also around corners and building projections. This gives the viewer the impression of a continuous illuminated line.

The facade profile consists of two parts: the white lower part and the acrylic upper part, which is available in 6 colours. The technology, consisting of LEDs and ballasts, is pre-assembled in the lower part at the factory.

For mounting on the wall, spring steel retaining clips are used, which are screwed or riveted to the wall. The lower part is mounted in these retaining clips. Then the top part is pressed onto the bottom part until it clicks into place. The assembly of the two parts is done without screws.

The individual parts of the facade profile are manufactured and delivered according to the customer's length specifications. The individual length can be up to 3,000 mm. The minimum length is 350 mm for an integrated converter, for an external converter the minimum length is 650 mm.

For adaptation to existing building corners and angles, the profile can be provided with a mitre angle at the factory. External, internal and picture frame corners are possible.

The ballasts are integrated in the profile. Therefore, the electrical connection is made with the 230 volt line at one connection point. The 230 volt cable is looped through the profile.

Contour lighting on buildings and petrol stations

  • two-part light profile made of white or coloured acrylic
  • for creating illuminated lines on facades
  • lower part for mounting on the wall
  • LEDs and converter integrated in the lower section
  • also available as dimmable version
  • up to 150 m illuminated lines from a single power supply point
Practical examples

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