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January 2024 | Congratulations to Luca Schilling

Luca passed his industrial clerk exam ahead of schedule on 17 January 2024.

During his apprenticeship with us, he also attended an energy scout seminar at the Flensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and received a certificate. The task was to recognise and eliminate energy-saving potential in the company.

He is therefore well equipped for the future and we are delighted to have him in the Hansen team. Luca will primarily be working in internal sales.

November 2023 | Anniversaries

On November 16, 2023, we celebrate two anniversaries

Volker Jensen started in the dispatch warehouse ten years ago, and this is still his main area of activity today. Whenever time permits and necessary, he assists in the production departments.

He drives a forklift in his job, in his spare time he works on and drives his pick-up truck, he likes to cycle a lot through the countryside or travel by tractor.

Jörg Jensen started working for Hansen ten years ago as a caretaker. He repairs, maintains and takes care of building services. He also looks after the vehicle fleet. He is often on the road with the cherry picker, as he maintains our GALAXXIS street lamps in the region.

In his free time, he loves being on two wheels: Riding mopeds and motorcycles are his passions.

We thank him for his commitment and look forward to many more years together!

Oktober 2023 | We present

This team brings light to the surface!
We have been manufacturing luminous panels for almost 20 years - HANDMADE in Germany. The luminous panel department has developed very dynamically during this time. The machinery has also grown, with five SEI laser systems now available. The basic material, acrylic, has remained the same.

The SEI laser systems are our "workhorses" for cutting and screening the acrylic sheets.  CNC milling machines cut grooves and recesses into the acrylic.

Then the work is done by hand. The panel lights are carefully and individually manufactured by our experienced team until delivery.

September 2023 | 25 years with Hansen

Christian Gonnsen started at our company on September 1, 1998 to develop neon converters. This means that he still actively experienced the neon era and is one of the few people who can still provide competent information about it.

Today, he is team leader of the development department and is also a lighting planner (LPA). Among other things, he and his team develop LED circuit boards and LED converters.

He is also a sportsman, he plays padel tennis, took part in the "Lauf zwischen den Meeren" and has been a loyal HSV fan for many years.

We are delighted to have Christian on the team and congratulate him warmly.

July 2023 | We present

Our department for LED aluminium profiles
The employees in this department must have manual skills, prudence and good eyesight. The LED aluminium profiles are similar, but every order is different, especially in terms of LED types and profile lengths.

The following products come from this department:
mini profiles, frame-mount LED spots, F-profile, wall floodlights in V-profile, light profile Carmen, light profile VEGA and customised luminaires.

All LED products from this department are sealed with a potting compound. This protects against moisture and improves heat dissipation.

In 2020, we set up a separate room with climate control. In this potting room is a state-of-the-art potting system. Transparent, translucent and opaque white potting compounds can be processed.

The reliability of the plant, the uniform climate in the room and the expert operation of the technology ensure the high quality of the products.

July 2023 | Summer Party

The weather was not kind to us this year, so we spontaneously switched to "indoor".

We had a great day with our colleagues and their families.

Especially popular this year was "Hau den Lukas", the table football, the beer pong and the bouncy castle in the middle of our transformer production.

See you again next year.

February 2023 | Anniversaries

On 1 February we celebrated two anniversaries

Birgit Henningsen started 25 years ago in the assembly department. A few years later, she moved to the SMD department, then to luminous panels and now she works in cable assembly.

She has always been sporty. The race "Between the Seas" was started by her initiative at Hansen and she was an active participant several times. Swimming, tennis, cycling and above all hiking are on her agenda. She has diligently filled her pilgrim's passport - respect!

Reiner Hansen has been with Hansen for 30 years. In February 1993 he became technical operations manager and since 2001 he has been managing director at Hansen GmbH in Haselund.

He is also sporty in his free time, he has taken part in marathons and regularly keeps fit in the gym.

We congratulate him and wish him all the best!


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