Light Profile VEGA

The light profile VEGA is an elongated LED light. The primary application is the energy-saving replacement of fluorescent lamps, the illumination of rooms, workplaces, etc.

The special feature of the luminaire is the converter integrated in the profile. This means VEGA can be connected directly to the 230 volt mains and does not need an external power supply. The converter is cast into the back of the profile.

Another special feature is the length of the luminaire, which is determined by the customer. The shortest luminaire is 516 mm long, the longest is 3,016 mm. In between, any length can be supplied in 100 mm steps.

VEGA is characterised by the following features:

  • Lengths at choice from 516 mm to 3,016 mm
  • Colour temperatures: 2700 K - 3000 K - 4000 K - 5000 K - 6500 K
  • aluminium profile silver anodised
  • for indoor and outdoor use (IP65)
  • integrated converter
  • plastic cover satin or clear-transparent
  • lateral mounting flange with drilling aid

Filigree light profile with integrated power supply unit

  • Aluminium profile with integrated LEDs for indoor and outdoor use (IP 65)
  • with integrated converter preferable for lighting
  • energy-saving replacement of fluorescent lamps
  • glare-free illumination of workplaces
  • individual lengths up to 3,000 mm
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