Radar Outdoor

The hansen Radar Outdoor with converters and accessories is an extremely flexible system for backlighting acrylic, textile print or similar translucent materials.

The primary application is the illumination of large and shallow luminaires with a depth of 60 to 150 mm.

The essential feature of the hansen Radar Outdoor is a special optic that has a high beam angle of approx. 160°. The light produced by the optics is emitted "flat". This makes the light distribution on the luminous surface more uniform. Fewer LEDs need to be provided per unit area. The installation effort is significantly lower due to the smaller number of LEDs.

The hansen radar outdoor are operated in series connection with a constant LED current of 100 mA, which has the following advantages:

  • uniform brightness of the LEDs
  • high system safety (terminals, cables)
  • no overloading of the supply line possible
  • 22.5% less energy consumption than with 12 volts DC
  • low operating current of the LEDs (far below the limit value) ensures a long service life

The hansen Radar Outdoor can be supplied with white light. Colour temperatures 3000 K | 4000 K | 5000 K | 6500 K are available.

The spacing of the LEDs, i.e. the cable length between the individual LEDs, is specified by the manufacturer and can be ordered at intervals of 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 mm.

The laying of the hansenRadar Outdoor in the light box is easiest if the LEDs are mounted at the specified spacing. However, it is important to ensure that the desired uniformity and brightness of the illumination is achieved. It is possible to install the LEDs at a smaller distance.

Illumination of shallow light boxes

  • Illumination of boxes with shallow depths
  • backlighting purposes for tensioned fabric systems
  • flat beam angle for homogeneous illumination
  • designed for outdoor applications (IP 65)
  • Adhesive and screw mounting possible

Technical data for Radar Outdoor

Number of LEDs: 1
Power of LEDs: 0.6 W
Current: 100 mA
Voltage: 6 V
Beam angle: 160°
Luminous flux (3000 K): 78 lm
Luminous flux (4000 K - 6500 K): 82 lm
Colour rendering index: CRI 80
Protection class IP 65

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