Frame-mount LED Spots

The hansen frame-mount LED spot is a light source for illuminating light boxes. These light boxes are used primarily in advertising technology for backlighting purposes of posters, printed textile prints or inscribed acrylic panels.

The frame-mount LED spots can illuminate both one-sided and two-sided boxes.

The frame-mount LED spots are installed in the inside of two opposite sides of the box. The LEDs "look at each other".

The LEDs are fitted with optics that focus the light to an angle of 10x42°. This creates a very bright beam of light, similar to that of a torch.

The front advertising space is illuminated to a small extent by the direct LED light. The greater part of the illumination comes from the reflection of the rear wall and the frames. Therefore, when illuminating with hansen frame-mount LED spots, it is very important that the frames and the rear wall have a good white finish. The cooling and mounting profile ensures good cooling of the high-power LEDs. At the same time, it enables practical mounting in the light box.

The electrical components are hermetically sealed in the aluminium profile. This ensures a degree of protection of IP 65.

The LEDs are operated in series connection. Five special converters of different power are available to supply the LEDs.

For effective illumination of larger light boxes

  • Illumination of light boxes with a depth of approx. 120 mm and more
  • pre-assembled in aluminium profile
  • encapsulated, suitable for outdoor use (IP 65)
  • mounting in the housing frame
  • oval optic 10°x42° for light control
  • LED shines parallel to luminous surface. Due to the diffused and refl ected light, the surface is illuminated almost homogeneously
  • available in the following lengths: 80 mm | 280 mm | 480 mm | 980 mm | 1,980 mm | 2,980 mm
    custom lengths up to 3,000 mm, special lengths up to 3,980 mm
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