The exterior and interior values of our innovative GALAXXIS street lamps are equally convincing. On the one hand, it is their luminosity and design that are convincing, on the other hand, economical energy consumption and robust technology.

All the advantages of the GALAXXIS street lamp at a glance:

  • energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional lamps
  • climate-friendly thanks to improved energy balance
  • simple installation, low maintenance
  • durable construction
  • no harmful light sources
  • 2-year warranty

Whether on the street or in the car park, GALAXXIS technology "made in Germany" keeps its promise. Even during installation, the system proves to be uncomplicated and flexible thanks to the adjustable pole mount. Both surface and surface mounting are possible. The solid workmanship is resistant to vandalism. The individual LEDs are insulated and protected by optics.

Fine tuning between the converter and the LEDs ensures a high efficiency of 85% in terms of power consumption and light output. The energy efficiency of the luminaires can be additionally increased: Dimming via control phase is possible as standard.

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