Radio Remote Controls

Radio remote controls ... for dimming or for RGB [W]

The new family of controllers works with radio. i.e. a remote control is used to control the receiving device. All functions are carried out with this remote control. The transmitters have a range of up to 20 metres.

The following functions can be realised:

  • Dimming of a channel (single-colour dimming)
  • Tunable white dimming (e.g. from warm white to cool white)
  • RGB control (manual or automatic)
  • RGBW control (RGB with an additional white channel)


12 volt LED consumers can be connected directly to all receivers. The LEDs are dimmed by PWM modulation at the output.
Each receiver has four output channels, each of which can be loaded with 5 amps (60 watts). The total power of each receiver is thus max. 240 watts. There are three different receivers for the different operating modes.

There are basically two different types of transmitters.

Wall-mounted transmitters are designed for installation in standard flush-mounted switch boxes. Despite being wall-mounted, the transmitters for single-colour and push-pull dimming are battery-operated (CR2032) and do not require a supply cable. The transmitter for RGB | RGBW requires either a 12 VDC or a 230V~ connection. The expected life of the lithium button cell is approx. 2 years.

Handheld transmitters are designed for the usual and familiar manual operation. For single-colour dimming, there is also a very small and practical pocket transmitter.


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