The LichtWART is the innovative solution for digitally controlling and monitoring lighting and illuminated advertising installations. In the age of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, the LichtWART module, in conjunction with the Telekom Cloud of Things, enables flawless operation of the installations for the customer and the fastest and easiest troubleshooting for the technician.

- digital - smart - sustainable.

Digitally, the operating states of the system (ambient brightness, state of the converters, LED light, error messages, etc.) are collected via DALI interface and sent to the cloud via the Telekom SIM card.

Smart, all data of the system are visualised in the cloud in such a way that errors or operating states can be detected at once. Regardless of whether desktop, tablet or smartphone: you can call up the current data at any time via browser and also control the systems.

The dynamic lighting control makes your lighting systems sustainable: it ensures that only as much light is emitted as required by the ambient brightness. The timer with calendar allows you to switch your systems optimally and save electricity. And if regulations on light immissions become stricter, you can dim the system via the cloud.

> LichtWART - the intelligent lighting control system in the easy-to-understand video

Functions and tasks

Controller and control technology

  • Switching the system on/off (completely or in parts)
  • Setting the brightness (dimming value per system / converter)
  • Switching off the system or only subordinate parts in the event of a malfunction (primary/secondary operation)


  • Fault reporting: power / converter / LED light etc.
  • Fault detection and automated e-mail notification
  • System monitoring and logging
  • Operating hours counter per converter incl. warning if exceeded


  • 24/7 access via cloud (desktop / tablet / smartphone)
  • Recording and logging of operating states


  • Convenient setting of switching times and brightness
  • Adaptation to stricter limit values for light immission simply via cloud
  • Error detection and reporting to users by e-mail
  • Monitoring of systems and event logging
  • Operation of several systems with one LichtWART module
Practical examples

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