We are living in a time when saving (electrical) energy is the top priority.

There are two ways to save energy in the area of lighting technology:

Dimming or switching off... or a combination of both. The latter is of course the best way, because it saves the most energy.

To mark the occasion, we have launched SMART DIMMING. Instead of switching off completely, lighting systems can be dimmed intelligently with our control options and thanks to our know-how. A light sensor measures the ambient brightness and regulates the brightness of the lighting system fully automatically.

Dimming a lighting system is also a way to reduce energy consumption and thus electricity costs. The dimmed light ensures that the function and thus the advertising message remain visible, only dimmed to a sensible brightness.

One aspect of dimmable installations that should not be underestimated is the significant reduction in light immissions.

With SMART DIMMING, we offer you and your customers a kind of "toolbox" that can also be used to save energy in the long term.

Operate your lighting system with our light-sensitive controller or with LichtWART and you are well equipped for the future.

Short explanatory video on SMART DIMMING >>> HERE


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