Luminous Panel

The hansen luminous panel is a flat, large-area recessed luminaire that is made to measure in our factory. The smallest dimension is 80 x 80 mm, the largest dimension is 1,500 x 3,000 mm (Basic) or 1,000 x 2,000 mm (Slim). Special shapes such as circles, ovals or free-form shapes can also be realised with the luminous panel.

The luminous panel can be supplied in single-colour, dimmable from cool to warm white (mixed white) or in colour as RGBW colour change. We also offer the matching control units in different versions. Construction depths of the respective types from 8 mm to 22 mm leave room for a wide variety of applications.

An additional 3 mm opal cover lens, which can optionally be supplied mounted with the luminous panel, creates a particularly intense and uniform impression of brightness for an aesthetic design on walls and ceilings.

Applications for the luminous panel

  • Lighting element on walls and ceilings for shops and trade fairs
  • Backlighting of artificial stone, acrylic or textiles for museums and public buildings
  • Glare-free wall luminaire in kitchen and bathroom
  • Illumination of furniture and showcases
  • Illumination of decorative glass elements and art objects
  • Illumination of flat light boxes
  • Recessed luminaire in grid ceilings
  • Lift car lighting

Individual in size, shape and colour

  • Dimensions as required: the luminous panel is manufactured exclusively according to customer specifications. Additional special features (e.g. round, oval shapes, round corners, apertures) are possible.
  • Low construction depth: the "construction depth", i.e. the thickness of the luminous panel, is only 8 mm for the Slim version, 11 mm for the Basic version and 13 mm for the Power version.
  • Controllable: innovative radio remote controls allow the brightness or colour temperature of the luminous panel to be dimmed harmoniously. An RGB or RGB-W controller is also possible.
  • Low energy consumption: thanks to modern LED technology, the luminous panel has an extremely low power consumption. 1 m² of luminous panel has an output of 25 watts. 2 m² therefore have the same energy costs as a small candle light bulb.
  • Colour temperature as desired: the luminous panel can be supplied in warm white (2700 K, 3000 K), neutral white (4000 K) or cool white (5000 K, 6500 K).
  • Coloured light: coloured or RGB LEDs can be used very easily. With the RGB LEDs, colour changes or colourful light scenarios can be realised.
  • Low maintenance: during the entire service life of the LEDs of approx. 50,000 operating hours, the illuminant, i.e. the LEDs, does not need to be replaced.

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