This is how reliable luminous panel works

The fusion of resistant safety glass, cleverly designed acrylic glass body and reliable LED light sources makes CLEVERGLAS a unique luminous panel. Two experienced companies have jointly developed solutions that make the extremely flat light body (from 16 mm) suitable even for harsh environments.

In two versions - CLEVERGLAS FIT and CLEVERGLAS ISO - the light can be used for damp locations, indoors and outdoors or as façade light. The use of safety glass ensures long-lasting surfaces. Wind and rain, cleaning processes, unforeseen accidents cannot harm the light body inside. With CLEVERGLAS, the beautiful, homogeneous light distribution is permanently maintained. This is what FRERICHS GLAS and HANSEN stand for with their experience and competence.

NEW: with CLEVERGLAS pic you can make all kinds of motifs shine. Real eye-catchers as murals in commercial and private environments.


  • maximum dimension: 3.000 x 1.200 mm
  • minimum dimension: 80 x 80 mm
  • light supply: one or two-sided
  • available without rear wall
  • weight per m²: 25 kg
  • Voltage 12 Volt DC
  • Power per m²: 26 W
  • Luminous flux per m²: 1,400 lm
  • dimmable


  • maximum dimension: 3.000 x 1.500 mm
  • minimum dimension: 300 x 300 mm
  • Light supply: one or two-sided
  • Weight per m²: 40 kg
  • Voltage 12 Volt DC
  • Power per m²: 26 W
  • Luminous flux per m²: 1,400 lm
  • dimmable


  • maximum dimension: 2 m²
  • minimum dimension: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4)
  • light input: one or two-sided
  • weight per m²: 17,5 kg
  • Voltage 12 Volt / 24 Volt DC
  • Power per m²: 26 W
  • single-colour white, tunable white, RGB
  • dimmable

Individual lighting design

Individual in size, shape and colour - CLEVERGLAS is a high-quality lighting surface that we make to measure. The element can be from 80 x 80 mm to a maximum of 1,200 × 3,000 mm. Special shapes and sizes can also be realised.
The light can also be controllable on request: dimmable, cold to warm white or in any RGB colour, also in colour change.

The corresponding control technology or integration into existing systems are possible. With an installation depth of 16 mm to 22 mm, CLEVERGLAS is very shallow and leaves room for many ideas. In CLEVERGLAS, the LED light is fed into the clear, light-conducting acrylic glass body via the edges. A special glass processing distributes the light homogeneously into the pane even over large distances. An unbeatably homogeneous light pattern is created via a diffuser pane.
The protective glass surface can be finished individually - for example with picture prints. CLEVERGLAS luminous panels are supplied ready for connection.

From a fire protection point of view, CLEVERGLAS with its combination of LED, acrylic and safety glass is the smarter solution compared to conventional luminous panels.


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