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Light for elevators

Shopping centres, office towers, apartment blocks, hotels... To enable barrier-free mobility in multi-storey buildings, there is no way around elevators and escalators.

LED technology made in North Friesland is used in many of them, combining function and comfort in an excellent way. Hansen has been an established partner of lift construction and metal construction companies for many years and supplies light made to measure - ready for installation and connection.

Let's go: LED light for elevators and escalators

Hansen's luminous panels can be used to create glare-free, homogeneously illuminated elements for car ceilings and walls . Their light intensity is infinitely dimmable, the desired light temperature can be generated via tunable white.

Depending on the lighting concept, coloured lighting with RGB is also possible, far beyond standard colours. In this way, the elevator lighting can be adapted to the architectural design concept or to the corporate design.

Other LED applications include illuminated lines for handrails as well as orientation lighting and wayfinding systems.

Of course, our components are also suitable for escalators.

One floor higher: special lighting solutions

Depending on the type of elevator, the design requirements also vary: from the retro feeling of illuminated ornamental glass ceilings, to radiant coloured glass, to unusual LED solutions for glass or panorama lifts. The individual lighting experience turns a lift into more than just a means of transport.

If recesses for panels, advertising boards or switches are required, Hansen can also flexibly adapt its products and provide special shapes.

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An exemplary lighting concept

Lift lighting for Windscheid + Wendel

Hansen supplied the Düsseldorf lift factory with the appropriate LED technology for sophisticated cabin lighting.


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