An exemplary lighting concept

Lift lighting for Windscheid + Wendel

Hansen supplied the Düsseldorf lift factory with the appropriate LED technology for sophisticated cabin lighting.

The project:
Windscheid + Wendel is a traditional company founded in 1855 that has been dedicated to lift construction since 1900. This makes the family-run company the oldest manufacturer in its sector in Germany. With a team of around 150 people, the Rhinelanders have specialised in special requirements, such as architectural refinements or high loads. This means that every lift from Windscheid + Wendel comes from individual, one-off production.
When it comes to luminous ceilings, there has already been indirect cooperation with Hansen for several years via a supplier. When it came to a project for the Kö-Bogen shopping centre in the heart of Düsseldorf, this was intensified.


The task:
The challenge lay in the homogeneous illumination of patterned cabin surfaces.

Because while the LED panels behind them had delivered a good result more or less by chance in the new building, the replacement proved extremely difficult because it was not possible to create a uniform look.

The implementation:
We are lift experts, not lighting experts," emphasises Gerhard Röllecke, Head of Technology and Sales at Windscheid + Wendel. "So in this case we turned directly to Hansen." With success: the right product with the required parameters was found immediately and could be integrated into the cabin walls as a luminous panel - prefabricated to size in Haselund. "The result was just as perfect as we had expected, thanks to expert advice and great service!" says Gerhard Röllecke happily.

Due to the size of the booth, several luminous panels were required per wall.
In view of the different product widths, the effect of light and dark zones had to be avoided and the formation of shadows at the joints had to be prevented.
Both were already taken into account in Hansen's production so that an absolutely homogeneous overall appearance could be achieved.


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