Green light for the future

Sustainability at Hansen

As a family business, we think in terms of generations. Sustainability therefore corresponds to our natural self-image. In addition, our North Frisia location has always been one of the pioneering regions when it comes to renewable energies.

We are a climate-neutral company! Our climate certificate

Read here what sustainability looks like at Hansen in concrete terms:

Sustainability in everyday work
  • Use of renewable energy sources in the form of a 240 kWp photovoltaic system
  • District heating from a municipal biogas plant
  • JobRad for employees, for healthy and CO2-free mobility
  • 20 electric vehicles in the fleet and charging stations for employees and customers
Sustainability in our assortment

The hansen LED tube and the hansen LED chain are essential components of our GREEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY. Both products operate the LEDs in series connection, reducing energy consumption,CO2 emissions and heat load by 25 % each. A light-sensitive central controller enables dimming, even at a later date, for example to comply with regulations on light pollution. Those who use such a system can have their energy-efficient lighting certified.


GREEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY in dLv - Insider | Issue 62 | 09-2020 PDF to the article
With kind permission of the German Shopfitting Association

The magic word is dimming. Many lighting systems shine too brightly, disturbing people and nature. It therefore makes sense to make the systems dimmable. With a light-sensitive controller or the smart LichtWART, light can be controlled gently.


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