Wall Floodlight in V-profile

Optionally with integrated or external converter
With the hansen wall floodlight in V-profile is an elongated LED luminaire. Its primary application is to illuminate signs, company lettering, logos or advertising posters up to 5.00 m high.

The wall spotlight is mounted above or below the luminous surface.
The distance to the wall is approx. 20 to 30 cm.

The body consists of an extruded aluminium profile with an anodised surface. The length of the profile can vary between 300 mm and 4,800 mm, i.e. the hansen wall floodlight in V-profile is manufactured according to the customer's length specifications.

Lengths over 4,800 mm are supplied in several parts. They consist of several profile parts that are mechanically coupled with one (or more) connectors. The wall brackets are placed at a maximum distance of one metre.

Inside the V-profile, the high-power LEDs are located on an elongated circuit board. The spacing of the LEDs can be used to influence the brightness of the luminous surface.

You can choose between 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm LED spacing. The high-power LEDs have a 30° optical system (lens) for directing the light. To isolate the electrical parts, the wall spotlight is potted inside.

Power is supplied to the LEDs via special converters, which are either housed outside the luminaire or integrated. Five different converters of different power ratings are available for external accommodation.

  • 2.25 Watt LEDs in series connection
  • available optics: 30° | 10° | 10x42°
  • three brightness levels with 100 mm | 150 mm | 200 mm LED spacing
  • profile length 300 mm - 4,800 mm
    maximum profile length with integrated converter 4,500 mm
    maximum profile length as wallwasher 2,000 mm
  • LEDs are completely encapsulated (IP 65)
  • Wall brackets, end caps and connectors available
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