As a crowning finale

Lighting design for the WINX high-rise in Frankfurt

At lofty heights, Neon Zentgraf has realised spectacular façade lighting for the WINX high-rise in Frankfurt using LED technology from Hansen.

The project:
Thanks to its flexible application possibilities, LED technology has long since gained a firm place in architecture. In the financial metropolis of Frankfurt, it has even become a real trend to stage prestigious office buildings with appropriate lighting technology. An artistic illumination was also desired for the WINX high-rise. The concept was developed by the planners together with experts in architectural lighting and awarded by the general contractor, BAM Germany, to the illuminated advertising specialist Neon Zentgraf.

The task:
The plans called for crown-shaped façade lighting for the technical storey, in which a stylised WINX "W" can be seen at the same time. But that was not all: in addition to the static lighting, three light play programmes were also required.

The implementation:
For a project of this dimension, Klaus Zentgraf, Managing Director of Neon Zentgraf, did not want to dare to experiment, but instead relied, as he so often does, on his long-standing and proven partner from the far north: "With Hansen, I simply know that development is based on mature products that no longer have any teething troubles. In addition, we have first-class technical support there and the willingness to work together to find the best solution." How can the cables be laid optimally? How do the profiles to be installed behave when the façade is "working"? In order to get to the bottom of questions like these and at the same time have a meaningful visualisation, a sample façade was specially built. Extensive technical documentation also had to be created in parallel.

To create the desired look, light profiles were mounted in a zigzag pattern. These are U-shaped channels with LEDs, covered by an acrylic sheet - a robust construction that also withstands outdoor use.

Although the profiles are protected by a glass façade, they are directly exposed to the weather, as the technical floor of the WINX high-rise is open at the top.

The light profiles can be controlled with pixel precision, so that not only a colour change but also the display of running lines as a special effect is possible.


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