Façade with a lively look

Window strips in an unusual mix of materials

For its own modern new administration building, the company S+T Fassaden GmbH relies on special façade lighting and draws on long-standing business relationships with the lighting specialists from Hansen.

The project
S+T Fassaden has more than thirty years of experience in the field of modern façade construction and so the demands on its own building in Tessin near Rostock are higher than ever. It should be of high quality and special, radiate beauty to the outside and thus also serve for self-promotion. This was the idea of Stefan Karnatz, Managing Director of S+T Fassaden, because the building is clearly visible from the adjacent main road and light plays a major role in this.

Mix of materials for a noble and chic design
The window strips were chosen as the eye-catchers of the façade. Coloured sheet metal panels were to be staggered between the windows, and RED was chosen as the accent colour, in line with the CI of the company logo. In order to not only have simple red surfaces, but to get an interesting structure, open transparent black expanded metal grids were chosen to be placed in front of them. Different mesh sizes were sampled and selected.

For this, the company S+T Fassaden relies on a so-called mock-up, in which a construction model with the exact materials and colours is created in order to get an exact impression of what the later effect of the structure should be. Managing Director Stefan Karnatz says: "We visualised the play of light in connection with the mesh size in several variants with the mock-up for the decision-making process."

The task
Hanselicht then also came into play for the lighting of these window strips, because the demands on the light were also very high. Not only should the red surfaces be homogeneously illuminated, but it should also have a lively effect, so the light cones of the LEDs were deliberately allowed to be visible. After a short consultation and joint planning, Hansen provided LED samples so that the lighting effect could be tested in the best possible way. A twilight control system, which controls the light depending on the time of day and significantly reduces energy consumption, was also included under the aspect of sustainability.

Developments were made together with Hanselicht until the right lighting effect was achieved. A solution satisfactory to all parties was soon found and the Hansen products were commissioned by Stefan Karnatz of S+T Fassaden. Since the lighting modules are always individually manufactured and prefabricated at Hansen, everything could be installed on time and without any problems.

"When it comes to quality, even in detail, we at Hansen are able to implement these customer wishes with our wide range of products. There's nothing off the peg with us!" says Matthias Prüße, Sales Field Service D-North at Hansen. And thanks to Hanselicht's good project planning, the result is something to be proud of: Facade lighting of high quality and chic. It still shines perfectly today!

There is a beautiful construction documentation of the building construction and the façade design (from approx. minute 4:20) by S+T Fassaden in time-lapse video on YouTube HERE


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