An eye-catcher in leo look

Facade design at BERTELMANN

Innovative LED technology from Hansen was also used to make BERTELMANN's location signage a real eye-catcher.

The project:
BERTELMANN has been an expert in the planning, production and installation of illuminated advertising and advertising technology for almost 70 years. Today, the family-owned company is already in its fourth generation of "lighting up customers' eyes" - nationwide and beyond.

When the façade of the company building in Bünde was to be redesigned in 2019, BERTELMANN's key visual, the leopard, was to play a special role.

The task:
For the project on their own behalf, the bar was set high both visually and technologically in order to create a strong signboard at the same time. Not only a sign or lettering was to be illuminated, but also the entire façade. To realise the sophisticated concept, professional quality was also required for the components.

The implementation:
For Johannes Mailänder, authorised signatory and sales manager, Hansen was the first choice here: "We have been working together for almost 20 years - and always when complex challenges with a high need for coordination have to be solved. Hansen is not only a supplier for us, but also a strategic partner who supports us in the best possible way with its engineering. It is not without reason that we have already won the Viscom 'Best Practice Award - Light Advertising' - the lighting Oscar - twice. For us, Hansen is clearly the technology leader on the market!"

The large-format façade construction consists of a 2-part body of aluminium profile systems measuring approx. 6 x 6.5 metres in total. Double-printed, translucent stretched fabric (as stable as a truck tarpaulin, but translucent) was used as the stretched fabric banners, some of which were additionally coated on the back to make them light-proof. The construction was manufactured by the East Westphalian company itself. Hansen supplied the LEDs as well as the converter and control technology for the illuminated lettering "BERTELMANN" and the backlighting purposes of the recessed subline including the motif area, the latter ensuring that the radiant power of the installation is regulated according to the amount of daylight.

And BERTELMANN didn't miss out on another gimmick: the "winking" of the leopard through pulsating light effects behind its eyes, for which Hansen also had the right component ready.

This project saw the premiere of a joint innovation by Hansen and BERTELMANN: the LichtWART® - a digital, cloud-based solution for lighting and illuminated advertising installations to control and monitor them intelligently. This required DALI-capable converters, which also belong to the latest generation of the Hansen converter series.
"As a family business, we, just like Hansen, always think ahead and therefore already plan with what is technically possible today. So that our systems will still prove to be future-proof in a few years' time," Johannes Mailänder emphasises.


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