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Area lighting projects with "fluorescent material

When it comes to luminous panels, the Cottbus-based manufacturer relies on products from Hansen.

The project:
As a studied architect, Leuchtstoff founder Stefan Restemeier has always been interested in light. The fascination grew into a business, so that he founded his manufactory around the turn of the millennium. "LED technology made the design possibilities more and more delicate," Stefan Restemeier reports, "Early on, in our search for high-quality components, we came across Hansen and installed their LEDs." In addition to the production of luminaires, the range of products includes lighting concepts for selected customers, often for medical practices, clinics and banks. Depending on the premises and their function, Stefan Restemeier and his team develop the lighting design and recommend suitable luminaires.

The task:
While the luminaires focus on functional criteria in addition to a suitable look, luminous panels serve to make the concepts more interesting. "On the one hand, the eyes can rest on it, on the other hand, we can also play individual themes by printing a wide variety of motifs." Leuchtstoff's claim is also not to use standard dimensions, but to create impact by playing with size and proportions. Thus, a partner is needed who can flexibly supply any format. No problem for Hansen!

The implementation:
While Leuchtstoff takes care of the communication with the customer, the planning, the installation and the electrics, Hansen delivers the luminous panels for the luminous panel, made to measure. Only a frame is still made by Leuchtstoff itself to conceal the LED points at the edge. "You have to look at what you specialise in and how you invest your time. That's why we decided on this form of cooperation with Hansen and find it perfect," Stefan Restemeier emphasises.

A current example is the lighting concept for the dental practice of Dr. Rühtz. As the owner is an enthusiastic sailor, round luminaires reminiscent of portholes were used. Luminous panels interlaced in different depths and formats with boat motifs from exciting perspectives enrich the atmosphere thematically.


In the luminous panels by Hansen, the LEDs are integrated into the edges of a light-conducting acrylic pane, the back of which has a laser engraving. A white rear panel behind it reflects the light to the front.

As a rule, neutral white is chosen as the light colour, but colour changes are also possible.


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