As if by magic

Shelf lighting for opticians' branches

In a joint project with JENABOI for the premium brand of an optician chain, Hansen developed a product innovation: the snap-in lightboard.

The project:
JENABOI is a carpentry company specialising in shopfitting that works mainly for chain shops throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.
On behalf of a well-known optician chain, the task was to equip several branches of their premium brand with a new concept.

The task:
The customer's wish was to provide wooden shelves with glass shelves that are not only illuminated from the edges, but over the entire surface, for the stylish presentation of the high-quality eyewear models.

The implementation:
To meet these exclusive requirements, JENABOI approached Hansen. This was because a similar solution had already been implemented a few years earlier, using components from Haselund by the supplier at the time. It was therefore possible to profit from the previous experience, also with regard to the need for optimisation of the product.

While at that time a cable version of the floors was still installed, which caused a lot of effort in terms of uniform alignment, an optimal solution based on current-carrying rails was worked out together. This was the birth of the Snap-In Lightboard as a modular and precise plug-in system in which the light source is integrated invisibly to the eye. Stefan Lerm, Managing Director of JENABOI, is more than satisfied with the result: "It was an exciting development process and the cooperation was thoroughly pleasant. We made the right choice with Hansen."

The bases of the snap-in lightboard are made of acrylic. On their back are two contacts that connect to the conductor tracks of the busbars. Thus, as soon as a shelf is removed, the light goes out without a perceptible gap. Moreover, since approx. 70% of the light shines downwards and 30% upwards, shadows are avoided and the glasses seem to float. Additional spotlights on the shelves provide brilliance through accentuated light points. Stefan Lerm, who was on site when the first branch was set up, remembers with pleasure a customer who was amazed: "He stood in front of the shelf and asked himself where the light from the shelves came from. The fact that we were able to achieve this effect is phenomenal!


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