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Lighting concepts with luminous ceilings and walls

Hansen supplies the company Media Plus Lichtwerbung with LED technology for illuminated ceilings and walls.

The project:
The Austrian company Media Plus Lichtwerbung has been using Hansen LED technology in its projects for many years, including illuminated ceilings and walls, another mainstay of the company. In this segment, solutions are not only realised in the commercial sector, e.g. in offices, massage parlours or medical practices, but also in the private sector. Here, Media Plus Lichtwerbung caters to the exclusive living wishes of homeowners - from planning to implementation. The products can be sampled in advance in the company's own showrooms.

The task:
Luminous ceilings create a particularly high-quality room climate, as the two-dimensionality of the light provides excellent illumination without casting shadows, without being particularly intense. Light walls are particularly suitable for darker zones, such as niches, and are usually printed with motifs that set creative accents. For both products, a low installation depth is always an advantage for aesthetic reasons. All the more so with the latest innovation from Media Plus illuminated advertising, the combination of light elements and sound insulation, especially for office spaces.

The implementation:
After a few years of cooperation in the field of illuminated advertising, Managing Director Horst Frauwallner met Tim Hansen at a trade fair, who immediately took a liking to him and was also able to help with the topic of construction depth. "Hansen already had a suitable product for our illuminated ceilings or walls and upgraded it at our request. This flexibility, together with the very good quality, impressed me!"

Hansen's LED technology not only simplifies production for Media Plus Lichtwerbung, it also succeeded in reducing the construction depth from approx. 20 to 12 centimetres, thus making the use of the elements even more variable.

Radar Indoor is used for the luminous ceilings and walls, an LED circuit board that was specially developed for flat light boxes indoors and, in addition to its low installation depth, scores points for simple mounting without soldering and homogeneous illumination. In addition, the colour temperature can be varied between cool and warm white using tunable white.


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