Lighting with feel-good factor

Hansen LED technology for Therme Erding

Therme Erding has relied on Hansen for lighting technology for many years.

The project:
The Therme Erding not only has state-approved thermal spa water, it is also the largest facility of its kind in the world.
Of course, atmospheric lighting is part and parcel of its elaborately designed wellness worlds - and ensures, among many other tasks, that the in-house technical team has plenty to do.

The task:
The requirements for the installed LED components are high. On the one hand, they must be protected from water and moisture, and on the other hand, they must be resistant to partially aggressive cleaning agents and chlorine. Added to this are the high temperatures of up to 75° in the sauna area.

The implementation:
Mathias Köppen, Head of Technology at Therme Erding, has been relying on LED technology from Haselund for about a decade. He once got to know Hansen as a supplier to a commissioned electrical company, but as a rule the planning and installation are directly in the hands of his team. The appropriate lighting solutions are worked out in dialogue, as Mathias Köppen reports. "I send photos and sketches to Hansen and receive the appropriate product recommendation back, whereby I now know the range very well after all these years and often already know what is required. Custom-made products are also no problem."

Changing the tried and tested manufacturer is out of the question for him: "Many people make custom-made products, but with Hansen, quality and the price-performance ratio simply go together. In addition, we have very good experience with the products and would not dare to experiment because of the scope of the technology used.

For indirect lighting solutions, the LED tube is used because it flexibly adapts to all contours. If direct light and a particularly high IP protection class are required, the swing~light is used.

For pool edges as well as step and edge lighting, Therme uses mini profiles that score with homogeneous light and resistance. The low voltage of 24 volts is also a decisive criterion in terms of operational safety.


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