Works of light art

Illuminated glass pictures

As a partner of, Hansen produces the technology to illuminate individually designed glass pictures.

The project: has been operating an online shop for around 6 years, where both private customers and corporate customers, such as carpentry workshops or kitchen studios, can order printed glass pictures in various sizes - including lighting if desired. Any individual motif is possible, whether for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or business premises.

The task:
While the technology for the lighting was installed by Glasprinter itself in the early years, this task has fallen to Hansen for the past 4 years.


The implementation:
The cooperation was more or less a coincidence. Plant manager Hans-Jürgen Thöns came across Hansen while researching for an LED manufacturer and visited a customer event a short time later. It was only there that he realised: "They can do much, much more!" The decision to outsource was made.

Since then, Hansen has been supplying the complete lighting technology. Glasprinter prints the glass plates and uses them to finish the final product before it is shipped. In this way, it was possible to increase the number of pieces significantly.

"Everyone does what they do best," affirms Hans-Jürgen Thöns, "The cooperation is very economical for us, Hansen's quality is top. And even when we have new ideas or problems to solve, our contact persons are always obliging. It is also positive that Hansen's field service is there for us on site".

The technical module of the glass picture consists of an acrylic housing enclosed in an aluminium frame profile, in which an LED light source is located. The scope of delivery includes a power supplies, a receiver and LED remote controls. The complete set is supplied by Hansen ready for connection. Private customers should enlist the help of an electrician for installation; specialist companies can integrate the custom-made products directly into their projects.


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