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GLOBANA Airport Hotel Schkeuditz

The GLOBANA Airport Hotel at Leipzig/Halle Airport is a 4-star hotel - not only for air travellers, but also for airline and cargo airline crews. The convenient location of the hotel also makes it easy to reach the cities of Leipzig and Halle quickly and comfortably.

The project:

The aging roof advertising of the GLOBANA Airport Hotel had been glowing incorrectly for quite some time, so the hotel planned to renew the illuminated logo in cooperation with a marketing agency. The colour was also to change somewhat: it was to shine from blue to a discreetly luminous grey.

The task:

Neon tubes were installed in the existing lettering. However, the company that had originally installed them no longer existed. So the hotel management and marketing agency approached NEL GmbH from Leipzig. NEL is known for lighting design, LED, neon advertising, architectural lighting and specialises in making brand and product logos visible from afar. The project was presented and the NEL company took over the lighting design for the three "HOTEL" letterings on the roof.

The implementation:

The idea of recreating the entire lettering was discarded in the course of the planning. The good substance of the two-metre-high letters allowed the lighting to be converted to energy-efficient LED technology. Sustainable and cost-effective at the same time.

Now it was time to find a suitable, weatherproof LED product. NEL has had good business relations with HANSEN for a long time and they know their products well. It is customised and you can rely on on-time delivery of the pre-assembled products from HANSEN, says Andreas Kattwinkel, project manager for illuminated advertising at NEL GmbH. For him it was quickly clear that the swing~light from HANSEN was the suitable product for the exterior illuminated contour.

Samples were built at NEL, presented to the hotel and approved. Cold white (6500 Kelvin) was chosen as the light colour. This achieves the best day and night effect and is easily visible from a distance.

The execution:

There were no more documents and drawings for the existing lettering. It had to be completely remeasured, which was in the hands of Mr. Kattwinkel, NEL. The resulting drawings were sent to the HANSEN sales representative, Steffen Tschernich. Here, the LEDs were designed, the individual profile lengths were determined and the control technology was included in the project planning.

All details were coordinated between NEL and HANSEN in short order. Immediately after the order was placed, production began. Everything went smoothly, so that delivery was on schedule in summer 2022. The installation on site was in the hands of NEL GmbH.

The logo at the GLOBANA Airport Hotel shines in a new light!
The result is impressive, both from the ground and from the air.

The three converter boxes were placed in an easily accessible position on the back of the fonts.


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