Home Deluxe Arena RGBW

A special kind of neon sign projected at the speed of light


The Paderborn football stadium will be given a new name for the 2022/2023 season. A special illuminated advertisement for the new name HOME DELUXE ARENA is to be created. An animated lettering in harmonious RGBW colour change - the only one of its kind in Germany.

The project:

The company DECLARO WERBETECHNIK, known for XXL advertising especially for large sports arenas, was awarded the contract for this MEGA project at the stadium. Although declaro has implemented a number of stadium rebrandings this year, this project stands out due to the special requirements placed on the lighting control system. Not only was the scope and nature of this lighting installation a sporting challenge, the time to completion in particular was tight.

The task:

Four letterings were to be built in which each letter could be controlled separately and the light colour could be freely selected. For this, an intelligent light control system was needed that is far above the normal standard. Furthermore, colour flows should be possible over the entire lettering.

Someone had to be found who was well versed in this and who could also deliver at short notice. That's how HANSEN came into play with its classic LED tube. The two companies have had good business relations for a long time. After a short but intensive consultation period, DECLARO was sure that HANSEN was the right "player" here.

The time pressure for this project was enormous. There was only a period of eight weeks from the preparation of the quotation to the commissioning of the systems.

The implementation:

Four HANSEN LED tubes were installed per letter in series connection with the light colours red, green, blue and white. These were controlled via a 4-channel DMX controller from TONI MARONI, so that any desired light colour could be set. With this special controller, it was also possible to freely programme colour flows over the entire lettering according to the customer's wishes.

Olaf Hasselbusch, Managing Director of TONI MARONI, is a specialist in this field. For every hurdle that had to be overcome during the project, Olaf Hasselbusch quickly provided a solution, says Joschka Amtenbrink from DECLARO.

The execution:

The work was done hand-in-hand. Tim Landmesser from HANSEN's internal sales department did the technical groundwork in the form of layout plans, and DECLARO's project manager Joschka Amtenbrink was responsible for the assembly on site. He created his own production plans on a scale of 1:1 from the HANSEN layout plans, which could be placed in each individual letter. The subsequent routing of the LED tubes and also the installation of the LED converters were to be as simple as possible for the fitters.

Detailed connection diagrams were prepared by Hans-Thomas Hansen, HANSEN. For each letter, which was to be individually controllable, there were four LED converters - one for each colour. This is where expertise is needed and the plans were valuable for DECLARO during installation.

Working together in this way was a good, solid solution for everyone. The technology was right, Joschka Amtenbrink from DECLARO could rely on HANSEN.

Visibly relieved, happy and also proud, Joschka Amtenbrink thanks Hansen:

"We have finally received approval from the end customer for the Home Deluxe Arena in Paderborn and the customer is super proud of his new lettering. Of course, we are also happy that we were able to successfully implement a project that is so far unique in terms of size and technical execution! For this I would like to thank you very much for the support and super preparation! "

An energy-saving lighting system

For HANSEN, too, it was a special project with exemplary cooperation with our customer DECLARO.

Managing Director TIM HANSEN: "Once again we have seen what can be done with our classic LED tube. In terms of colour and control technology, it is an all-round successful highlight in our references.

Everything was carried out on schedule and everyone involved thought it was RIGHT. Nothing stood in the way of the stadium opening with light show!


The power consumption is also worth mentioning: "Thanks to the use of GREEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY from HANSEN, each individual installation consumes less power than a household hairdryer with 1,350 watts, and that with full light output", emphasises Joschka Amtenbrink.

Watch a video HERE watch.

  • four letters on the stadium -> length 31.50 m / height 2.70 m
  • illumination in RGBW with LED tube > each letter can be controlled individually
  • 17,856 LEDs in total
  • 176 converters type C100/300D
  • 64 converters type C100/990D
  • 4 x COLEEN + 60 x project-specific interface LED protocol
    on 4 x 0-10V for RGBW
    from TONI MARONI

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