Particularly homogeneous lighting effect

Petrol station and accent lighting in perfection

The company TECHquadrat Werbetechnik in Austria relies on Hansen as a lighting specialist for its project-specific special construction.

Filling station:

The Felbermayr company in Austria is a manufacturer of construction machinery and construction vehicles and was planning a new company building with its own adjacent diesel filling station in 2020. The architect's specification for the filling station was to achieve bright, homogeneous illumination, primarily for safety reasons; 200 lux was specified. The architect defined a cassette arrangement in the ceiling for the lighting, which was consequently difficult to achieve with the usual spotlights. The electricians, who were involved in the initial planning, were unable to provide a satisfactory solution.

TECHquadrat Werbetechnik came into play as lighting planners. Production | Technology Manager Daniel Strutzenberger confidently turned to the Hansen company, which is known for carrying out special construction projects in the field of lighting technology and is always called in when it matters. Lighting calculations were made and samples were built. This quickly led to the goal, said Mr. Strutzenberger. A proven product was quickly found. Special LEDs were built into the mini profile type 960 for this project, which produce four times the amount of light: 100 mA instead of the usual 25 mA are now applied. And so the order was placed and the implementation started.

Technical specifications regarding safety for the petrol station posed great challenges for everyone. For the electric circuits, 18-pole cables were run from the floor into the roof. This had to be done quickly, because everything had to be laid before the foundation was completed. But this is usual for construction projects of this dimension.

The amount of light in line form was the greatest challenge

"The special thing about this project was that an extremely large amount of light was required," sums up Tim Hansen, "and it is precisely here that we have possibilities to customise the light output through our own production." For the narrow lines in the petrol station ceiling, mini profiles type 960 shine directly downwards, bright, homogeneous and without visible light points, as was desired!

At night, from a distance, the petrol station looks like a spaceship about to take off. This is also because the surrounding area is nothing but farmland and green meadows, so impressed is Hans-Thomas Hansen, Managing Director of Hansen GmbH after an on-site inspection.

Company headquarters building

In the same course as the petrol station, the contour lighting for the main building was tackled and sampled by TECHquadrat.

Here, too, all those involved were faced with tricky tasks. There are blue niches on the buildings that are to be illuminated indirectly. One of the design specifications was that these blue niches should also be realised with optimal colour fidelity at night. The blue should achieve exactly the same daytime and night-time effect.

TECHquadrat built exact façade elements in their own factory and illuminated them with different profiles, LED colours and covers. The result was that Hansen came into play here too. The somewhat smaller mini profile type 911 with blue LEDs and white cover was used here.

It shines perfectly in one channel from top to bottom. No points of light can be seen, homogeneous, fine illuminated lines, as desired. Facade illumination at its best!

TECHquadrat Werbetechnik GmbH writes about the project on its website:

"...A unique ceiling soffit was produced for the petrol station adjacent to the company building. This accent lighting, executed with high-quality LED technology, offers an ideal, indirect light source that also serves as a design element. Unlike conventional spotlights, which usually only serve as a punctual and conical light source, this one provides uniform and area-wide lighting. In addition to the soffit, the entire office building was defined with a blue LED outline.

The entire installed illuminated advertising and technology is durable and energy-saving and was perfectly adapted to the surroundings. "


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