Priwall jetty lighting

Priwall jetty lighting

Technically tricky with high requirements

Priwall, which belongs to the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, is a peninsula surrounded by the Trave, the Baltic Sea and the Pötenitzer Wiek. It is a popular summer excursion destination for sailors and people seeking relaxation. The landmark of the harbour is the four-masted barque "Passat", which functions as a museum ship and event venue in equal measure.

The project:

The Lübeck Port Authority planned a new jetty lighting system for the Priwall in 2020. Various requirements had to be met by the lighting system:

  • The luminaires and associated technology must be seawater-compatible, because the jetties are flooded three to four times a year during storm surges.
  • Safety on the jetties through the right lighting. Certain illuminance levels had to be adhered to, as the footbridges are also public paths or escape routes.
  • The dimensions of the luminaires were dictated by the parapets, resulting in two different lengths. In addition, the individual luminaires should shine homogeneously towards the front and be separately controllable.

With so many specifications, it was obvious that an expert would be consulted during planning and execution.


The company POHL, specialists for infrastructure, was commissioned with the technical implementation. They approached HANSELICHT from Lüneburg to find solutions for the details of the lighting and controller. Extensive project planning by HANSELICHT was imminent and reinforcements were called in.

HANSELICHT in North Frisia is very familiar with the customised production of luminaires and control technology, so they approached the managing director Tim Hansen. Business relations between these two companies have existed for a long time and interesting building projects have already been realised together. For example, they both developed a suitable luminaire for Priwall, a challenge they were happy to take on. Christian Gonnsen, the head of development at HANSEN, played a decisive role in the development of the luminaire.

The "Priwall special luminaire" was created, a seawater-resistant "acrylic rod" with a project-specific special circuit board in series connection.

"The advantage of this constant output current technology from HANSEN is that the ballasts and control units can be placed in a central location" praises HANSELICHT the LED technology from HANSEN. For the Priwall project, two converter cabinets are planned, equipped with the new converter generation from HANSEN.

Each individual "Priwall special luminaire" gets its own cable! This adds up to a total of 20 kilometres of cables that have to be installed. This technology also has to withstand wind and weather.

To top it all off, the LichtWART controller is called in. It can be used to monitor and control the entire system. The current status of the installation can be viewed at any time on a PC, tablet or smartphone thanks to the LichtWART. In the event of a malfunction, the harbour master and the HANSELICHT service department are informed via cloud and/or e-mail. This allows a quick response, saving time and money.

Thanks to dynamic light control, the system can also only be operated as brightly as is necessary for safety. No unnecessary glare, energy costs can be kept in view and safety remains guaranteed.

The structure of the luminaire is a solid acrylic contour in which the LEDs are mounted and encapsulated.

Dimensions type A 650 x 22 x 40 mm, type B 349 x 22 x 40 mm.

The cabinets were equipped with 20 converters of type C350/350DALI, inrush current limiters, mains connection terminals, etc.


In September 2021, luminaires were installed over a length of 6 metres as a sample in order to carry out initial light measurements. The results were positive throughout. Even when looking at the luminaires, the brightness was found to be more than adequate by all those involved. It was decided that the installation should be dimmable in case the light could possibly dazzle ship passengers.

All measurement results showed that safe illumination is guaranteed with this lighting technology. The expert also gave his OK.

Nothing stood in the way of commissioning the luminaires with all components.

At the beginning of 2022, thanks to the mild winter, the lighting system could be completely installed by the companies POHL/HANSELICHT/HANSEN.

At the handover in spring 2022, everyone involved was extremely satisfied with the result. "We had to meet the requirements of the expert, that was our goal" said Tim Hansen, Managing Director HANSEN. "Our products stand up to it!"

The effort was worth it and the result is impressive.


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