The special luminous panel refined with glass. Long awaited, now finally on the market!

Glass meets acrylic meets LEDs, something quite unique has been created. A reliable LED luminous panel "married" with resistant safety glass. Brought to life by a cooperation between the companies FRERICHS GLAS and HANSEN - experts in glass and light.
Thanks to the know-how of these two companies, a joint solution was developed that makes the extremely flat light body suitable for harsh environments. The kick-off was on 23 February at the SNOW DOME in Bispingen, at 9:00 timer! CLEVERGLAS is conquering the world and it is already eagerly awaited by the 160 or so registered visitors. Glaziers, carpenters, furniture makers and light advertisers are all here.
Two companies - FRERICHS GLAS and HANSEN - will present their jointly developed product in the SNOW DOME in Bispingen. Glass is refined with luminous panels, say some. Glass gives luminous panels a special touch, say the others. It fits!
The presentation begins in a relatively dark seminar room, but the audience listens intently to the speakers. All the exhibits are still covered with cloths. Martin Hansen (HANSEN) confidently moderates the programme. He and Kai Herkes (FRERICHS GLAS) toss the balls to each other, which animates and keeps the audience on their toes. The climax is reached when the exhibits are unveiled. Of course, they are not only freed from their cloths, they are brought to life and now glow and gradually it becomes brighter in the room. A murmur goes through the room and you can literally feel the enthusiasm in the audience. The most diverse variations are presented with vivid patterns in small and large. CLEVERGLAS Fit and CLEVERGLAS Iso - these are the keywords. Kitchen backsplash or shower screen, printed or unprinted, window with or without privacy screen. Each of the visitors will find an application for himself and his customers.
Then there is a break with the opportunity to touch and experience the samples. This is used to the full. People talk shop and give advice, make appointments, examine samples. There is also the opportunity to buy the samples. Here, too, people grabbed them and in no time at all the sample boxes were sold out, and further orders were received. This was hoped for, but nobody expected the rush to be so great.
FRERICHS GLAS and HANSEN are overwhelmed and the efforts put into the development of CLEVERGLAS have paid off. At the end of the event, it is clear to everyone involved that CLEVERGLAS is already a sought-after product on the market.
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